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We are offering the best hosting services curated for every website. With unlimited storage, unbeatable feature range, and unmetered bandwidth, this is a go-to solution for every website owner to host their websites.

With Hostious web hosting, you can experience all the reliability, speed, flexibility, and security essential for you to develop your website and take it live. Hostious is offering the most economical, easiest, and durable way to establish your online visibility.

Just start with what you need now and scale to more powerful hosting resources as your website grows over time. Hostious web hosting works exactly the way you want, and it makes it possible to achieve your online goals effectively.

Free Site Migration

FREE site migrations…YES, without downtimes! No matter which webhost you have, we can migrate you easily. You sit back and enjoy your day.

Moving your website from the previous hosting platform to Hostious will not lead you to any downtime. This is because we are working with an experienced site migration team that will manage everything for you quickly. Our team will make sure to check everything before making your website live for effective migration.

  • Ensured uptime
  • DDoS protection
  • Real-time malware scanner
  • Protective defense
  • Clean IP reputation
  • Webspam and bad bots’ integration and more


Built-in security for WordPress against login-page brute force, XML-RPC spam, and DDOS attacks on layer 3 & 4.

A secure web hosting plan with Imunify 360. An amazing yet comprehensive security suite to ensure the security of web servers. It offers all active and passive measures to prevent attacks and stop malicious intents. We also consider continuous monitoring for:

Periodic Backup

Hostious is here to offer you both periodic and automated backups to have freedom from stress linked with data corruption, accidental deletion, and sudden mistakes. Periodic backup is our free backup and recovery program, which lets you restore your essential data from saved snapshots whenever a recovery is going to be essential for you. With our periodic backup feature:

  • Automatic snapshots of account backup are taken regularly
  • Convenient backups that you can take from your control panel
  • Our backup feature is free to use for secure management

Powerful Hosting

Don’t be fooled! Our plans is faster, more powerful and secure than even a “12-vCPU” VPS from other hosts!

Your site will be running in a CageFS by CloudLinux OS+, with Immunify360, kernelCare, LiteSpeed Ent. And you can access and manage your sites easily by CyberPanel Ent. The dedicated server we use for our premium shared hosting is: AMD EPYC 7502P – 32 Core / 64 Threads – Simultaneous Multithreading – Virtualization (AMD-V). 128 GB DDR4 ECC RAM, 4 x 3.84 TB Samsung UltraFAST NVMe SSD Gen3 Datacenter edition (RAID 4) , 1x Dedicated 1 Gbit/s. Hosted in Germany

Bugfix and Optimization

Yes, we do offer Small WordPress/Woo Bugfixes, and optimization consulting by REAL WordPress Experts! You can easily save your plans cost in WP developers.

Hostious is the best hosting provider on the market. It is a feature-rich and well-equipped hosting company that provides you with the ease, convenience, and growth that you want. Hostious is one of the best web hosting service providers, trusted by industry experts and clients alike.

More key features of Hostious web hosting

Hostious is the best hosting provider on the market. It is a feature-rich and well-equipped hosting company that provides you with the ease, convenience, and growth that you want. Hostious is one of the best web hosting service providers, trusted by industry experts and clients alike. Do you want to know the extensive features list of Hostious, which makes it amazing for every user? Let us have a look at the list below to get a better idea about the things in this regard. So, here we go:


We offer the first complete CDN caching system to our hosting plans. It comes up with the ability to perform dynamic caching and ensure your websites’ high performance and speed in the best possible way.

With this, you can experience reduced transmission time for all your site visitors. Most amazingly, Quic.Cloud ensures to cache your content on all the servers, and with the transmission of both dynamic and static cached content, we can speed up your websites drastically.

Currently, this service is available for our WordPress-based websites only.


With Hostious web hosting plans, your account is going to include MariaDB, which is MySQL-compatible. It can let your site perform up to 5% better than the websites based on MySQL. Even more, MariaDB can also offer you faster and transparent security releases.


Redis is a lucrative solution that can be used as a message broker, database, and cache. It is an open-source platform that offers an in-memory data structure store for more efficiency.

LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache is another Hostious integrated solution for all WordPress and WooCommerce websites. It is a quick, efficient, and intelligent solution to ensure the speed and accuracy of all your WooCommerce and WordPress websites.

This can be done by site speed optimization, image optimization, and critical CSS generation. Overall, it is here to improve the user experience with your websites dramatically.

LS cache will communicate with the server and cache dynamic pages of your WordPress website to reduce the page load time of your site greatly.

Two-factor authentication

This is another amazing Hostious web hosting feature that is meant to make your hosting account safer and more secure. With this feature, you are required to set up an additional as well as uniquely generated piece of information to be used every time you log into your hosting account.

This is an additional security feature that you can use to keep your hosting account safe from unauthorized access.

Free SSL certificates

Hostious hosting company also provides you with automated and free SSL certificates. These are here for enhanced website protection and security. With this, your website will be able to create an encrypted connection with your visitors.

SSL certificates are automatically set up with Hostious hosting plans on your domains by default. So, you can easily enjoy this hassle-free SSL configuration with ease and enhance your site’s security more effectively.

Automatic and managed updates

We understand the fact that keeping up with your WooCommerce, WordPress, and server updates is our responsibility. Therefore, we ensure to keep all our resources up to date with the latest available version in the market as this is important for your website security.

Do you find tracking and installing updates difficult? Simply let us keep track of all the new releases, and you can focus on managing your website’s other aspects only for a hassle-free experience. We assure that our customers will not have to deal with any previous versions of software and hardware which have not been updated for months or years.

Guaranteed uptime

We always strive and work hard to ensure uptime as close to 100% as possible. We have a history of years without experiencing any downtime. Honestly, it is all due to our reliable hardware and server resources choice.

Even more, our expert and knowledgeable team also work hard to maintain our servers around the clock. All the updates and changes are being logged carefully. Also, we do not undertake any risky updates or conduct rogue patching in the peak time of the day.

We know the fact that downtime can happen, but still, we ensure to adopt the best possible protective and proactive approaches to avoid downtimes as much as possible and to ensure the highest possible uptime more effectively.

Even if any misfortune happens, our expert server team is always here to fix everything right away. We will never let you wait for hours to bring your site up again.

Ultra-fast speed

Do you want to know how we ensure the lightning-fast speed of websites? Well, there are various things behind this feature.

  • We use high-quality servers and hardware solutions with fast drives, fast machines, abundant memory as well as low latency networks.
  • Also, we come up with a proven performance stack with industry-leading servers that are equipped with all the fancy features.
  • We tune heavy loads, essential applications, and other tools precisely for expert configurations.
  • With our relaxed restrictions, we handle all the maintenance by ourselves and let you experience better performance on your side without any hassle.

With all these hidden things, we always make sure to offer ultra-fast websites’ speeds and enhanced performance.

24/7 skilled support

We understand the frustration of having unhelpful, inexperienced, or unknowledgeable support. Therefore, we never disappoint our customers with an unhelpful customer support team.

Instead, all our technical support and customer support team members are experienced and have the expertise to manage effective solutions as per your concern or needs. A highly professional team handles the customer support, and we do not leave clients in the hands of robots and likewise.

The basic requests are already covered in our FAQs. You can visit that to get the answers to your basic requests on your own. However, our expert technical team is here around the clock for any technical issue. You can easily reach out to them about you concern, challenge, or issues, which are then resolved quickly.

You can either get in touch with our real server specialists and WordPress experts through email, live chat, or call. They are striving to serve you with the best possible solutions in any case.

Unmatched WordPress & Woocomerce Performance

WordPress and WooCommerce hosting services have never been that easier as these are with Hostious hosting services. Hostious is here to offer you fast, premium WordPress and WooCommerce hosting solutions with one-click installation services.

Proven reliability

We are using proven technologies MariaDB, compute-optimized VMs, and more to make sure that your website can handle a load of your traffic even in peak times, just like a breeze. We make sure to load it in the blink of your eye, even when it is bearing heavy traffic loads.

Even more, it is featuring high availability, automatic scalability, as well as resource isolation to offer proven reliability. So, you can keep your site up for extended periods of time with ease.

Easy management with Control Panel

Our web hosting management panel is the Control Panel, which is easier to use for all our customers. This is easy to use, high-performing, and secure control panel, which is familiar to be used by most of the people who are from shared hosting services.

Even more, we also offer essential and helpful documentation to make things easier for the people who are novices here. This documentation will help you perform most of your management tasks on your own.

Most importantly, our control panel is less cluttered and shows you the essential options only.

Top-notch email service

Do you want your business to look more professional? Then, free email services are here to help you. With Hostious free email service, you can create professional, business email addresses with the name of your domain at no extra charges.

Most amazingly, Hostious email service can let you create as many email addresses as you want with ease. Even more, you can access all these email accounts with a user-friendly, free webmail interface. Here you can create autoresponders, forwarders, and more.

Website stagging

Hostious web hosting services can also let you build an independent clone for your site. Here you can test your website plugins, themes, speed, and more before these are going to be live to your audience.

Risk-Free, Stress-free hosting services

Undoubtedly, Hostious comes up with a lot of cool and lucrative features with its hosting plans. So, if you want to test-drive these cool features but are reluctant to invest your money in its services as well, then do not worry. It is because Hostious web hosting is available with a risk-free offer.

You can get our starter package and experience the high-end dedicated hosting services. Our quality speaks for itself, and you will instantly upgrade the package to get all services for your website.

Isn’t it the best way to test-drive our hosting plans? Yes, of course!

So, do not wait anymore and subscribe to your preferred web hosting plan by Hostious without any stress.


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