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If you want to generate traffic on your website, then you must do hosting. Hosting is one of the key elements that help your business grow and flourish. You cannot attract your customers simply by making an attractive website, because your website needs to be deployed to be visible worldwide.

Nowadays, many websites are being built on WordPress, and that is where managed WordPress hosting comes in. Managed WordPress hosting differs from DIY hosting and has many advantages. Many companies provide managed WordPress hosting, but today we are going to talk about what makes us so unique in the domain of managed WordPress hosting.

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What is Managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is specifically for WordPress websites. In managed WordPress hosting, you do not have to put extra effort into managing your WordPress website and ensuring that it is running smoothly and efficiently at its optimal pace.

In managed WordPress hosting, your provider handles your WordPress site and manages your server. Managed WordPress hosting is more convenient, and unlike unmanaged hosting, or you can say regular hosting, you are not on your own.

Managed WordPress hosting saves people time, cost and offers improved performance. As mentioned earlier, managed WordPress hosting is WordPress specified. Hence, it has some of the most advanced features that help a WordPress website get all the necessary updates.

In Managed WordPress hosting, almost all the responsibility lies on the host’s shoulders, which is why you must choose a reliable platform that offers managed WordPress hosting platform.

Importance of our managed WordPress hosting:

If your website is built on WordPress, you might want to get managed WordPress hosting. Managed WordPress hosting has some of the most valuable features because of which is deemed significant. Some of the features are specified below.

Automatically managed updates by professionals

There are many updates on a regular basis that WordPress website owners are unaware of, and due to this reason, their WordPress website lacks performance. Through managed WordPress hosting, your WordPress website gets updated automatically. These updates make sure that your WordPress website continues to run efficiently.

Moreover, because of these regular and automatic updates, you can fix your security issues that help your WordPress website remain secure. In this way, the website remains safe from high-level threats like hacking. We assure that our clients will not have to deal with previous versions of server stacks that have not been updated for years.

High- performance

Managed WordPress hosting is custom-made for the WordPress environment, and hence, you do not have to install various software to optimize your WordPress website. In short, it offers high performance.

The whole of the features, including server-level caching, is personalized to enhance the WordPress experience. Moreover, through managed WordPress hosting, you stay away from the unwanted plugins, and as a result, you can get a better server uptime.

Through managed WordPress, hosting you can enhance the user experience, because it offers features like CDN, which helps to make your page load speed faster.

Easy setup

Through managed WordPress hosting, you can get your site running and performing within minutes. WordPress websites require some essential things before they can perform. With managed WordPress hosting, all this work is done by your providers for you.

WordPress support

Managed WordPress providers have some of the most advanced WordPress developers, who are familiar with the complex processes and all the technical issues that occur in WordPress. These WordPress experts can help you with several WordPress problems. Websites that are built on WordPress can also get hacked, and that is why you must choose managed WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting providers can tell you how to remove specific malware that has the potential to corrupt your WordPress website. In addition to this, there are many advanced security features like MFA and limited login attempts that provide you with the best security possible.

Automatic backups

Your WordPress website can also lose its data to several issues, and that is why you must choose managed WordPress hosting. Through managed WordPress hosting, you can get automatic backups which helps your data to remains safe, secure, and protected.

The most convenient part of managed WordPress hosting is that it also offers manual backups. These backups are done by experts that have years of experience in the domain of WordPress, and that is why these backup files are efficient and reliable.

User-friendly dashboards

Managed WordPress hosting has a user-friendly dashboard, through which you can view the traffic that is being generated on the WordPress website on a regular basis. You can also view some of the plugins that need to be updated, so your WordPress website can run at its optimal pace.

In addition to this, you can easily grant permission to other people on your WordPress website. Through this user-friendly dashboard, you can view your WordPress website performance and can improve it by telling the host or by installing small updates.

Advanced developer tools

Through managed WordPress hosting, you can easily get access to advanced platinum quality developer tools such as cPanel, and more. All these tools help you to troubleshoot your website and improve its overall performance.

We are providing the best service:

We are one of the best-managed WordPress hosting providers, and we have some of the best features available. Some of the most advanced features that we offer are specified below.

Real 24/7 support from real WP experts

Our managed WordPress hosting has some of the best WordPress and Woo experts. Our professional Woo experts can help you to set up your website easily, and they are also familiar with the latest products and can understand your product, so that you can ask them any technical questions about your product or managed WooCommerce hosting.

Our professional Woo experts are available 24/7, and you can ask them about website implementation and development at any time. Our Woo experts will help you find high-quality leads, and they will help you with your brand endorsement. It means you will get the support from professionals and not from some level 1 supporters or robots.

Our professional WordPress experts are also available 24/7 in Danish and English, and these WordPress experts can help you with security, monitoring, improving page speed, and performing analytics. In addition to this, our experts can help to solve WP/Woo bug fixes, which makes sure that your eCommerce WordPress site continues to run at its finest pace. You can easily save your plan cost for WP developers.

100% guaranteed malware/hack/virus removal

We are a reliable managed WordPress hosting provider that 100% guarantees to remove malware, hack, or virus. We have WordPress experts with years of experience in the WordPress field. These experts are familiar with all the WordPress plugins, both reliable and unreliable.

Our WordPress experts will first completely analyze your WordPress website by using professional tools and scripts and then remove any malicious code from your files and the WordPress website database if found any.

Our WordPress experts are also capable of filtering out malicious traffic, which prevents your WordPress site from future attacks. Moreover, our WordPress experts also offer page cleanups and automatic security updates that will save your website from getting hacked.

GDPR compliance

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, and this helps your private data to remain safe and secure. Through this regulation, hosting companies are responsible for using clients’ data, and through this regulation, users can ask providers how their data is being used.

We fully understand this regulation, and that is why we offer GDPR compliance, so that our users can feel satisfied and comfortable. You can get a copy of how your data is being used if you tend to choose us.

LS cache included

Our managed WordPress hosting includes LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress which has many optimized features that accelerates page load speed, caching, and user experience that takes your WordPress website performance to a whole new level. You need only click once to install the LS cache if you choose us.

Free website speed optimization

We offer three types of managed WordPress hosting plans – these are:

  • 1 Site
  • 10 GB Ultra Fast SSD NVMe
  • Unlimited Visits & Traffic
  • 1-Click WordPress¬†
  • Free migration
  • Free SSL
  • 5 Site
  • 30 GB Ultra Fast SSD NVMe
  • Unlimited Visits & Traffic
  • 1-Click WordPress
  • Free CDN*
  • Unlimited Databases
  • 15 Site
  • 50 GB Ultra Fast SSD NVMe
  • Unlimited Visits & Traffic
  • 1-Click WordPress
  • Free CDN*
  • 100% Uptime SLA!*

In each of the above-specified services, we offer free caching and speed optimization service for 1 WordPress site if you choose to pay annually. By paying annually, you will save 549 USD.

No restrictions or strange limitations

Our 10 GB Ultra-Fast SSD NVMe, 30 GB Ultra-Fast SSD NVMe, 50 GB Ultra-Fast SSD NVMe, and unlimited databases keep you away from restrictions and strange limitations.

Free migrations

We offer free site migrations without any downtime. This means that your WordPress website is always running at its optimal pace without any delay. We can easily migrate you no matter what web host you have.

Free premium setup

Our hosting plans include free premium setup, configuration, and optimization of Cloudflare. Optimization for Cloudflare means that your WordPress website remains secure against SQL injection, and we also offer free CDN and SSL. We help our customers with the installation process of Cloudflare and help them to configure various tools within it.

Rank Math Pro (SEO plugin)

We are one of the very few managed WordPress hosting providers that have the Rank Math Pro plugin included. Rank Math Pro is an SEO plugin that allows users to improve their content based on keywords. Rank Math Pro SEO plugin helps your WordPress website to be among Google’s top rankings. In this way, you can attract many customers to your WordPress website and generate more traffic.

Summary of features

WordPress / WooCommerce hosting has never been so easy, and by choosing us, you get fast premium hosting which makes sure that your WordPress website is always running with minimum delay.

You can also save hundreds of dollars on bug fixes, as there are hundreds of professional WP experts that handle all the technical issues for you.

If you want to get your WordPress website optimized and remove any malicious code or recover your database after being hacked, then do not worry. We have qualified experts that can fix all these issues in a short period. Moreover, if you have got anything else, you can simply contact us.

Why hire us?

There are many reasons why you should choose us, and some of them are specified below.

Faster speed

As soon you install the plugin, the Qubely block is added to the Gutenberg editor. Then after that, you can start using it as any other Gutenberg block. Also, the addition of ready blocks helps you to find the additional blocks under the Qubely icon. It increases speed and enhances the overall functionality. Moreover, the dedicated server that we use for our premium shared hosting is AMD EPYC 7502P. It has 32 Core / 64 Threads and simultaneous Multithreading with Virtualization (AMD-V). The 128 GB DDR4 ECC RAM, 4 x 3.84 TB Samsung Ultra-FAST NVMe SSD Gen3 Datacenter edition (RAID 4), and 1x Dedicated 1 Gbit/s are hosted in Germany, which makes your server run at lightning speed.

Top notch support

The other reason why you should hire is the excellent support that we offer. We have the best customer services that make sure that the customers are getting the best of our services. We also help the customers to solve any technical issues that occur in their WordPress websites that can be very annoying and troublesome.

Dedicated & up to date hosting

Our experts are using platinum quality software, hardware and other hosting tools that allow us to provide top notch services. We offer special hosting designed to match the needs of our customers. We do not believe in one system fits all and that is why our experts have been able to set the standards high in the industry. The above-specified are all the details that you should need to know about managed WordPress hosting. If you want to enhance the user experience and improve your WordPress website page speed without any unwanted plugins, then make sure to contact us, Without any further delay contact our experts so you can get the best hosting services.