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Hostious is a one-stop hosting provider

We offer the best hosting services for your website. With unlimited storage, a wide range of features, and blazing-fast broadband, this is the perfect solution for you to host your website(s).

With Hostious web hosting, you can experience the maximum reliability, speed, flexibility and security that are essential for you to develop your website and take it live. Hostious offers the most economical, easiest, and durable way to establish your online visibility.

Just start with the solution you need now and scale to more powerful hosting resources as your website grows over time. Hostious web hosting works exactly the way you want and it makes it possible to achieve your online goals effectively.

Free migration

You actually get site migration included, and it’s completely no downtime! No matter what web host you have, we can easily migrate your site. Simply sit back and enjoy the day.

Moving your website from your previous hosting platform to Hostious won’t cause you any kind of downtime. This is because we work with an experienced site migration team that will quickly manage everything for you. Our team will make sure to check everything before making your website live for efficient migration.

  • Guaranteed server uptime
  • Protected against DDoS attacks
  • Real-time malware scanner
  • Strong firewall
  • Pure IP reputation
  • Protection against spam and bots


Built-in security for WordPress against login brute force, XML-RPC spam and DDOS attacks on layers 3 and 4.

A secure web hosting plan with Imunify 360. A great yet comprehensive security suite to ensure the security of web servers. Imunify offers all active and passive measures to prevent attacks and stop malicious intentions.

Regular backups

Hostious is here to offer you both periodic and automated backups to get freedom from the stress associated with data corruption, accidental deletion, and sudden failures. Periodic Backup is our free backup and restore program that lets you restore your important data from saved snapshots when a restore becomes essential for you. With our periodic backup feature:

  • Automatic snapshots for backups
  • Fast and convenient to run backups

Powerful hosting

Don’t be fooled! Our plans are faster, more powerful, and secure than even a “12-vCPU” VPS from other hosts!

Your website will run in a CageFS by CloudLinux OS+ with Immunify360, kernelCare, LiteSpeed Ent. And you can easily access and manage your websites with Plesk Web Host Edt. The dedicated server we use for our premium shared hosting is: AMD EPYC 7502P – 32 Core / 64 Threads – Simultaneous Multithreading – Virtualization (AMD-V). 128GB DDR4 ECC RAM, 4 x 3.84TB Samsung UltraFAST NVMe SSD Gen3 Data Center Edition (RAID 4), 1x Dedicated 1Gbit/s. Harvested in Germany

Bugfix & Optimization

Yes, we offer small WordPress/Woo bug fixes and optimization advice by REAL WordPress experts! You can easily save your plans’ costs in WP developers.

Hostious is the best hosting provider on the market. It’s a feature-rich and well-equipped hosting company that gives you the ease, convenience, and growth you want. Hostious is one of the best web hosting service providers trusted by industry experts and customers alike.

More Key Features of Hostious Web Hosting

Hostious is the best hosting provider on the market. It’s a feature-rich and well-equipped hosting company that gives you the ease, convenience, and growth you want. Hostious is one of the best web hosting service providers trusted by industry experts and customers alike. Want to know the extensive list of features of Hostious, which makes it great for any user? Let’s take a look at the list below to get a better idea of things in this regard. So here we go:

We offer the first complete CDN caching system for our hosting plans. It comes with the ability to perform dynamic caching and ensure the high performance and speed of your websites in the best possible way.

With this, you can experience reduced transmission time for all visitors to your website. Most amazingly, Quic.Cloud make sure to cache your content on all the servers, and with the transmission of both dynamic and statically cached content, we can speed up your websites drastically.

Currently, this service is only available for our WordPress-based sites.


With Hostious web hosting plans, your account will include MariaDB, which is MySQL compatible. It can let your website perform up to 5% better than websites based on MySQL. Even more, MariaDB can also offer you faster and transparent security releases.

Hostious gives you the absolute best support

We understand the frustration of having unhelpful, inexperienced or ignorant support. That’s why we never disappoint our customers with an unhelpful customer support team.

Instead, all of our technical support and customer support members are experienced and have the expertise to manage effective solutions according to your concerns or needs. A highly professional team handles the customer support, and we do not leave customers in the hands of robots and the like.

The basic requests are already covered in our FAQs. You can visit it to get answers to your basic requests on your own. Our expert technical team is here around the clock for any technical issue. You can easily contact them about your concern, challenge, or problem, which will then be resolved quickly.

You can either get in touch with our real server specialists and WordPress experts via email, live chat, or calls. They strive to serve you with the best possible solutions in all circumstances.

24/7 support

If you choose a hosting plan from Hostious, you’ll get nothing less than 24/7 support! We offer professional service in Danish and English.

Ticket support

Do you need deep and technical answers that you can come back to later? Then we offer support through tickets, with the absolute best experts.


There are no limits to much we help you when it all comes together. It is possible to purchase emergency aid as an extra service. Then we are always ready, right by the tube.