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  • 50GB extra NVMe SSD Disk Fast

    50GB additional NVMe SSD disk


    Upgrade Your Hosting with’s NVMe SSD

    Upgrade your hosting experience with’s NVMe SSD upgrade. Add an extra 50GB of blazing-fast NVMe SSD to your package and avoid space constraints. Ideal for backups, emails, databases, and more. Fast deployment – additional space is available within minutes. Improve your website’s performance and reliability with our scalable, high-speed NVMe SSD solution. Perfect for any website, big or small. Upgrade now and feel the difference!

  • WordPress Hosting Planer

    All-in-One WordPress Hosting Planer

    From: 13.35 / month with a 2-month free trial

    WordPress Hosting Planer på

    Perfekt til virksomheder i alle størrelser, vores WordPress Hosting-planer tilbyder fleksibilitet og pålidelighed. Vælg mellem tre muligheder: WP Startup med 5GB lagerplads til startups, WP GrowBig med 20GB lagerplads til små og mellemstore virksomheder, eller WP Enterprise med 50GB lagerplads til voksende virksomheder. Alle planer inkluderer OpenLiteSpeed, AMD Ryzen 7 processorer og NVMe SSD diske for optimal ydeevne. Tilføj premium plugins for ekstra funktionalitet, og nyd nem opgradering til mere avancerede planer, når dine behov vokser.

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  • Sale! Free hosting migration to

    Free migration

    Original price was: €149.85.Current price is: €0.00.

    Free and Seamless Migration to for WordPress and WooCommerce Sites

    Switch easily to with our free migration service for WordPress and WooCommerce sites. We offer a fast, safe and completely hassle-free move from any host with no downtime. Regardless of the size of your site, we ensure an efficient transfer within minutes to 72 hours. Our team handles all technical aspects, ensures that your data and settings are preserved, and is ready with support before, during and after the migration. Choose for a smooth transition to a better hosting experience.

  • Sale! new woocommerce shop offer

    New WooCommerce Webshop

    Original price was: €2 249.85.Current price is: €1 499.85.

    Launch Your Custom WooCommerce Web Store with

    Achieve an online presence that stands out with’s WooCommerce webshop package. We offer everything you need for an efficient, attractive and fast online shop. This comprehensive package includes custom theme setup, essential plugins for functionality and SEO, professional header and footer design, an intuitive menu structure and the creation of essential pages such as front page, category, product page, contact page and checkout. We also take care of setting up your WooCommerce platform and various payment gateways. Perfect if you want to sell products or services online with an online store that requires minimal maintenance and is tailored to your needs. From order to delivery in just 2-10 days – start your eCommerce journey with today!

  • Add new wordpress website hosting

    New WordPress website


    Create an Impressive WordPress Website with

    Achieve your dream website with’s WordPress package. Perfect for coaching, services, or anyone who wants a stylish and effective online presence. Our package includes custom theme setup, essential plugins, and professional header, footer, front page, and up to 4 subpages. We ensure a website that requires minimal maintenance, is lightning fast and fully adapted to your requirements and wishes. From order to delivery in just 2-10 days, we offer a fast, reliable and user-friendly solution for your online success. Make your digital footprint unique with!

  • SEO-analysis-by-hostious-experts

    SEO Report


    Optimize Your Website with’s SEO Review and Report

    Improve your website or WooCommerce eCommerce store’s online visibility and conversion rates with’s customized SEO audit and report. Get an in-depth, hand-crafted analysis of your site that uncovers and addresses critical errors, link building strategies and usability issues. This service offers more than just an automated report; it provides insights and action plans for real optimization. Perfect for those looking for detailed, practical solutions to improve their online presence and performance. Let’s experts guide you to a stronger SEO strategy and a more effective website.

  • wordpress speed optimization and clean up

    Speed Optimization & Cleaning Up Your Site


    Speed Optimization & Cleanup for WordPress and WooCommerce Sites

    Transform your WordPress and WooCommerce site with our Speed Optimization & Cleanup service. We offer an in-depth audit of your site, web hosting, plugins, and more to identify and fix speed-related issues. Our service includes everything from plugin optimization, database cleaning, to media compression and CDN tweaks. We adapt our strategy to your unique needs, ensuring a faster and more efficient website experience without compromising functionality. Get a more responsive, user-friendly, and SEO-optimized online presence now!

  • woocommerce hosting 1 site

    WooCommerce Hosting – 1 Page


    WooCommerce Web Hosting on – The perfect hosting solution for your WooCommerce webshop. With personal dashboard, plenty of storage space, and dedicated server power, you get everything you need to ensure a fast and secure webshop. Includes premium WordPress plugins and tools to optimize your online presence.

  • woocommerce hosting 3 sites

    WooCommerce Hosting – 3 pages


    WooCommerce Web Hosting on – 3 Sites, 15GB Storage
    Discover the ultimate hosting solution for your WooCommerce webshop. With room for 3 domains and 15GB of storage, this plan gives you the freedom to develop and expand. Enjoy the benefits of a personal dashboard, dedicated server power, and LiteSpeed Web Server for effortless and fast hosting. Includes advanced features like email hosting, daily backups, and access to Blogvault – the best WordPress management system on the market. Perfect for those who want a scalable, secure, and advanced hosting solution.

  • woocommerce hosting 5 sites

    WooCommerce Hosting – 5 pages


    WooCommerce Web Hosting – 5 Pages, 25GB Storage
    Choose our comprehensive hosting plan to power up to 5 WooCommerce webshops. With 25GB of storage and space for multiple domains, this plan is ideal for those looking to expand their online presence. Enjoy advanced features like email hosting, secure backups, and access to Blogvault for the ultimate WordPress management system. This plan is perfect for you who are looking for a scalable, secure, and powerful hosting solution.

  • Website hosting for one domain

    WordPress Hosting – 1 Page


    WordPress Hosting on – 1 Page
    Our WordPress hosting plan is ideal for startups and smaller websites that want fast and reliable hosting at an affordable price. The plan includes OpenLiteSpeed, AMD Ryzen 7 processor and NVMe SSD disks, ensuring a solid and efficient platform for your WordPress site. With the option to purchase premium plugins and easy upgrades to more advanced plans, this is the perfect starter platform for your online presence.

  • Website hosting for 3 domains

    WordPress Hosting – 3 pages


    WordPress Hosting on – 3 Sites, 15GB Storage
    Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses or active blogs, our WordPress Hosting plan offers 15GB of storage and hosting for up to 3 domains. With OpenLiteSpeed, AMD Ryzen 7, and NVMe SSD disks, you get a stable and efficient hosting platform. Add premium plugins for extended functionality and enjoy easy upgrades to more advanced plans as your need grows.

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